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When a concept is agreed upon, your architect will test the ideas, refine the details and shape the final design. Developed design is a key phase – it’s your last opportunity to refine the overall nature of the project before planning commences. If you have additional requirements now is the time to table them. Your budget will come into play during developed design. Think about priorities in terms of time, quality and cost and allocate authority for final decision-making. You and your architect may want to engage a quantity surveyor to estimate costs. While it is difficult to predict the final cost of a building, your architect and the external specialists they collaborate with are trained to identify all potential costs and will form an estimate based on that knowledge. Be honest about your budget and work with your architect to find solutions if necessary. Architects can also play a role in securing resource consent, if needed, for your building. However, it may be necessary to engage with specialists or consultants to secure the requisite consents for you.

by Marc Williams