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This page features the NZIA, NZRAB and a visual history of New Zealand architecture 1821 to 2022

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The New Zealand Institute of Architects was established in 1905 to represent architects and promote architecture in New Zealand. The NZIA website features a variety of information that celebrates the best of New Zealand architecture. 

NZIA, Odile Decq advice to students;

"Be curious, be courageous, be creative, be determined"   

The NZIA Student Design Awards brings together the top students from each of New Zealand’s four schools of architecture: University of Auckland,  Victoria University of Wellington, Auckland University of Technology and Unitec Institute of Technology

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The New Zealand Registered Architects Board is the organisation that is responsible for registering students to become registered architects once they have completed an architecture degree, have several years of work experience and passed the registration procedure.

The NZRAB website features information about how to get registered, architects code of ethics, professional development activities, certification of registration every five years and other information relating to architectural practice. 

This is the pathway to becoming a registered architect in New Zealand.


A brief visual history of New Zealand architecture 1821 to 2022


A selection of New Zealand architecture from 1821 to 1900


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 1900 to 1930

30. 1914 William Booth college, Wellington by Stanley Fearn


31. 1920-1930s Bungalows


32. 1927 Dilworth Building, Auckland by Gummer & Ford


33. 1924 St Kevins Arcade, Auckland City


34. 1928 Remuera Library, Auckland by Gummer & Ford


35. 1929 Civic Theatre, Auckland by William Leighton


36. 1929 War Memorial Museum, Auckland by Grierson, Aimer  & Draffin

37. 1929 Chateau Tongariro, Mt Ruapehu by Herbert Hall


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 1930 to 1950


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 1950 to 1970

59. 1954 Church of St James, Wellington by Structon Group


60. 1955 Latter Day Saints Temple, Hamilton by Edward  Anderson 


61. 1956 Nees House, Dunedin by Edward John McCoy


62. 1957 Parnell Baths, Auckland by T K Donner


63. 1960 Christchurch Airport by Paul Pascoe


64. 1961 War Memorial Centre, Wanganui by Newman, Smith &  Greenhough


65. 1936 MacKay House, Wellington by Toomath & Wilson


66. 1965 Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland by Prof. Richard Toy

67. 1946-1968 Group Architects Bill Wilson, Et al.


68. 1964 Memorial Gardens Crematorium, Christchurch Warren  & Mahoney


69. 1964 St James Church, Hastings by Len Hoogenburg


70. 1965 Wong House, Auckland by Claude Megson


71. 1966 Civic Administration Building, Auckland byTibor Karl


72. 1968 Futuna Chapel, Wellington by Hoogerbrug & Scott


73. 1960s Brick and tile houses


74. 1960s Brick and tile houses 


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 1970 to 1990

81. 1977 Beehive, Wellington by Sir Basil Spence 


82. 1977 Brittain house, Wellington by Roger Walker


83. 1984 Gibbs House, Auckland by David Mitchel


84. 1987 Karekare house, Auckland by Andrew Patterson


85. 1989 Gibbs house, Auckland by Noel Lane


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 1990 to 2010

86 - 1990 Mitchell Stout house, Auckland by Mitchell Stout


87. 1991 Knight Klisser house, Auckland by Patterson   Associates


88. 1992 Summer Street house, Ponsonby, Auckland by   Patterson Associates


89. 1992 Axis, Parnell by Patterson Associates


90. 1993 Congreve house, Auckland by Cheshire Architects


91. 1997 Clifford Forsyth house, Auckland by Architectus 


92. 1997 Island Complex, Bay of Islands by Bossley Architects


93. 1998 Te Papa Museum, Wellington by Ivan Mercep  


94. 1998 Skytower, Auckland by Craig Craig Moller


95. 1999 Metropolis, Auckland by Peddle Thorp Architects

96. 2000 Rawhiti House, Bay of Islands by Fearon Hay

97. 2002 St Peters College Technology building, Newmarket by Architectus

98. 2003 Cumulus, Auckland by Patterson Associates


99. 2004 Ponatahi house, Wairarapa by Stuart Gardyne


100. 2004 Coromandel bach by Crosson, Clark, Carnachan


101. 2005 Cremorne house, Auckland by Stevens Lawson 


102. 2006 AUT Business School, Auckland by Jasmax


103. 2006 Beach Retreat by Pete Bossley Architects


104. 2006 Auckland Museum Dome by Noel Lane, Salmond Reed, Peddle Thorp


105. 2007 Sargent House (1973) - Dunn House 2005, Auckland by Fearon Hay Architects 


106. 2007 Mai Mai House, Auckland by Patterson Associates


107. 2008 The Hills Clubhouse, Queenstown by Patterson Associates


108. 2009 Wilson School, Auckland by Haughey & Fox 


A selection of of New Zealand architecture from 2010 to 2022

109. 2010 Ironbank, K Road, Auckland by RTA Studio


110. 2011 Island Retreat, Waiheke by Fearon Hay 


111. 2012 Anvil, Auckland by Patterson Associates 


112. 2013 Imperial Buildings, Auckland by Fearon Hay 


113. 2014 Cardboard Cathedral, Christchurch by Shigeru Ban

114. 2014 Marsden Cross, Bay of Islands by Pip Cheshire

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