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Architect School by Marc Williams

mentoring students to be architects since 2015

Architect School by Marc Williams. I mentor students to be architects.

I have 38 years of architect experience on more than 100 built projects. I am a New Zealand secondary school teacher that specialises in digital technology. I have taught digital and architecture to more than 3000 students. 

There are 50 pages of information on my website to inspire your journey to become an architect.  


My mentor fee is that you donate $ to charity and I will mentor you for free.   

Want mentoring? Chat with Marc


Design starts with ideas and drawings. Here are some of my design drawings

The and pages offer lots of information to help you develop your architectural design and creative drawing skills like these single line pizza drawings.   


Learn about the digital technology that architects use,

I have 12 years experience teaching digital technology to students aged 12 to 20. I have owned my own digital technology media company and have a Master of Education Degree specialising in Computer Science. 

These are two examples of student architecture projects from my year 13 digital technology class 2021.


Learn about the history of architecture to inform your appreciation of architects and the design of historical and contemporary architecture.

The pages features information about the history of New Zealand architecture and my selection of contemporary modern architecture projects from 2016 to 2023.   


Practice being an architect by designing architecture based on these example  

climate change.jpg

Site visiting inspiring architecture around the world fuels a sense of inspiration and creativity and gives the experience of how the interplay of architecture connects with the local environment, culture and history of the city. 

Check out the by Marc 



Chat with Marc to customise your journey to becoming an architect with my mentoring.


Get mentoring on topics like: how do I become an architect, how can I integrate architecture with my school subjects, developing your creativity, design, drawing and digital technology skills, preparing for studying architecture at university and your future architect career.

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