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Experience being an architect by designing architecture based on these example projects  


Serpentine Pavilion 

Design a pavilion concept based on the annual Serpentine Gallery pavilion project in London, England  

climate change.jpg

Climate change project

Design a project that relates to climate change.


My example is SnakeTower, a project about observing the effects of climate change on animals in the Zakouma National Park, Chad, Africa. 


Prefab-pod project

Design a prefabricated pod project in 1 hour to practice your quick design and digital technology skills

My example is a 1 hour design project to develop a concept for a 36m2 pre-fabricated pod to observe animals in the Grand Canyon, USA 

helipod drawing title 1.jpg

Random Number Generator project 


Design architecture using a random number generator to determine a project design brief 

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