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a collection of contemporary world architecture from 2023 - click the images

england's 2023 house of the year - london

house-of-the-year 2023 london.jpg

office building - india

ferrocement office-india.jpg

hotel - vietnam


epicon towers - saudi arabia

epicon tower saudi arabia.png

technics cafe - japan

technics cafe japan.png

art storage building - south korea

art storage south korea.png

office - germany

office germany.png

opera park - copenhagen

opera park copenhagen.png

port tower - france

port tower france.png

plant nursery pavilion - romania

plant tower romania.png

memorial complex - india

memorial india.png

cloud tea room - china

cloud tea room china.png

house - vietnam

house vietnam.png

science fiction museum - china

science fiction museum china.png

ribbon villa - greece

villa greece.png

bamboo spa + restaurant - china

bamboo spa china.jpg

church - spain

church - spain.png

robot built sky garden - switzerland

robot garden switzerland.jpg

aluminium prototype house 1931 - america

1931 aluminium house.jpg

house - canada

house canada.png

concrete house - india


house - australia

house australia.jpg

owo cafe - london

owo cafe london.png

timber eco district - switzerland

timber eco district switzerlaand.png

space crystals museum - china


house - spain

house spain.png

cliff cafe + tower house - china 

cliff cafe china.png

house - america 


offices - mexico

offices mexico.jpg

holiday retreat - poland

holiday retreat poland.png

house - italy

house italy.png

studio - portugal


brick arts space - india

arts space -india.jpg

house - hungary

house -hungary.jpg

concrete cafe - south korea

concrete cafe -south-korea.jpg

tennis court - brazil

tennis court brasil.png

archaelogical museum - greece

national archaelogical museum greece.png

stone chapel - south korea

stone chapel south korea.png

cafe - thailand

cafe thailand.png

hotel pods - costa rica

treehouse hotel_costa rica.jpg

house - costa rica

house costa rica.png

biodiversity museum - mexico


house - italy


emergency housing prototype


house - south korea

house south korea.png

rammed earth house - costa rica

house costa rica 3.jpg

house - austria

house austria.png

house - brazil

house brazil.png

house - greece

house greece .png

3d printed houses - texas

3d printed house texas 2.jpg

tv station - albania

tv station albania.png

house - germany

house germany.jpg

library - japan

library japan.png

casa atibaia - jungle house

digital house 5.jpg

star house - taiwan

star house taiwan 3.png

office - japan

office japan 2.png

hotel - indonesia

skinny-hotel indonesia.jpg
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