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I am Marc Williams from New Zealand. I left school at age 17 to become an Architect. I have 36 years experience as an Architect on more than 100 built projects. I am a registered secondary school teacher that specialises in digital technology and architecture. I created Architect School in 2016 and mentor Year 13 New Zealand students to become architects.


Enrol if you are a Year 13 New Zealand student who wants to become an Architect.

Compliment your last year of secondary school education with specialist architecture and digital technology mentoring by Marc. 

Marc architecture 1987-2000

My academic qualifications are:

Bachelor of Architecture & Bachelor of Architectural Studies Degrees. 

Master of Education Degree (Computational Thinking, Computer Science, Programming). Graduate Diploma Secondary Teaching (Digital). Graduate Diploma Creative Technologies. Diploma 3D Animation (with Distinction).

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I was the senior digital technology teacher at Alfriston College secondary school from 2011 to 2022. I taught digital, design and architecture project based learning to more than 3000 Year's 9 to 13 students and the eLearning professional development of the teachers and staff.    

I was responsible for about 500 Year 13 students over 10 years in my digital technology classes. Some of my students have or are currently studying a Master of Architecture degree at UoA, AUT and Unitec. The experience of being able to teach and help all these students with their personalised learning and mentor them about tertiary and career opportunities after finishing secondary school was one of the inspirations for creating Architect School.

Year 13 students who aspire to become architects should work on one significant architectural design project in 2023 that integrates with some of their school assessments. Use content from design drawings, models and digital technology imagery of your project in your architectural portfolio submission.


Enrolled students get access to 6 projects for design inspiration.  

These videos are projects by two of my 2021 Y13 students, 1 project + 3 assessments. AS91610 (concept), AS91903 (digital) & AS91609 (management) for 14 NCEA credits. 

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A goal of Architect School is to help students effectively communicate their ideas.

A key skill of an Architect is to communicate ideas to clients, industry professionals and other project experts with specific terminology 'archi-speak', quick sketches, detailed drawings, physical models and digital technology imagery like photo realistic renders, VR and AR 3D. 

Enrol to learn the skills to communicate your ideas. Be prepared for studying architecture in 2024, learn the process to develop your projects and how to communicate your crit.

Learn to draw plans, elevations, sections and perspectives of your ideas like Helipod

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Learn about historical and contemporary world architecture. Integrate historical and contemporary design era architectural concepts into your school project. 

World architecture. Between 2016 and 2022 I have been curating a collection of contemporary international architecture projects from designboom + dezzen + other websites. The intent was to enlighten my students about world architecture, learn the descriptive 'archi-speak' of architecture and encourage class discussion about design and how projects related to their environment.

@_architectschool Instagram 

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