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Architect School by Marc Williams

Architect School is for Year 13 New Zealand students who want to be architects. Start your architect career now. Be prepared to study your architecture degree with confidence.

Enrol to compliment your last year of school with mentoring by Marc. Benefit from my 38 years of architecture, digital and teaching experience before you start studying architecture at university or Te Pukenga.

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Chat with Marc about... architecture, creative ideas, design, drawing, digital technology, school projects, assessments, university, your future architect career... 

Enrolled students can chat with Marc using any of these apps. Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal, Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail or Google Drive or Dropbox.


I have taught more than 500 Year 13 students

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Some of my Year 13 students study architecture degree's at UoA, AUT, Unitec and have become Architects.

These videos are by two of my students for 14 NCEA L3 technology assessment credits.

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Learn to communicate your ideas like an architect. Design your own 'pod project' to practice your design and digital technology skills. Check out my Helipod example project.


Learn about the history of architecture

Use your knowledge of past and present architecture history to inform your appreciation of architecture to inspire your own designs.

Here is a brief visual history of New Zealand architecture

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Check out examples of modern world architecture from 2016 to 2023.

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I have been using Artificial Intelligence technology with my students since 2016. New AI tools are transforming the way architects design and buildings are constructed.

I think digital technology is cool. I've studied digital at Media Design School, owned a digital media company, spent 11 years teaching digital and architecture to 3000 students and have a Master of Education degree in Computational Thinking, Computer Science and Programming. These are 20 categories of Pinterest I curated as a digital learning resource.

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I started the Architect School AI chatbot to compliment learning about architecture.

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The cost of enrolling for Architect School is NZD$440+gst per student


Enrol if you are a Year 13 New Zealand student who wants to become an architect.


Compliment your last year of school with personalised mentoring by Marc. 


To get a Master of Architecture degree takes 5 years of study. Prepare to study your first year architecture degree with confidence with my mentoring.

Click the icons to check out free architecture information on these pages.

Other pages on this site that are password locked are for enrolled students.



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