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Marc Williams. I mentor students who want to become architects. I have 38 years of architect experience. I am also a New Zealand registered secondary school teacher that specialises in digital technology.

Want architect mentoring? Chat with Marc

I created this Architect School website to inspire anyone who is interested in architecture, design and digital technology. It's a mix of personal experience insites,  information research and mentor advice to help you in your journey to become an architect.  


Learn to design architecture with my mentoring. 

Want to practice designing your own architecture projects but not sure where to start?

Check out the Serpentine, Climate Change, Prefab-pod and RNG projects on the Design Projects page.

These are some of my design drawings.


Learn how to use architectural digital technologies. Check out the digital resources on My students have been using Artificial Intelligence in their projects since 2016. Check out


I have owned my own digital technology company and have 12 years teaching digital and architecture project based learning to more than 3000 students aged 13 to 20.

Interested in architecture on Insta? Follow these 100+ architecture on Instagram accounts I recommend. 

Not sure what digital technology you need to use as an architect? Check out this Architect Software page.

Do you use Pinterest? I created 26 categories of architecture on Pinterest as a digital learning resource.


These are two examples of my students architecture projects.

ai chat insta title3.png

Learn about the history of architecture to inform your appreciation of architects and architecture to help inspire your own designs.


The architecture page features links to information about design eras, a brief visual history of New Zealand architecture and selected examples of contemporary modern architecture projects from 2016 to 2023.


Check out site visits to architecture been to.    


Want architect mentoring by Marc?


Chat with Marc about architecture, creative ideas, design, drawing, digital technology, school projects, assessments, university, your future architect career.

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